We pay .38 cents per mile.(.10 cents per-diem available if you want it). All miles are paid by PC Miler "Practical Route", not the "Short Route" like most other truck lines pay! The difference between "Practical Route" & "Short Route" can range from 8% to as high as 15% more mileage paid to the driver!

We offer you 2 options to choose from on your payroll. You can take a tax break option and be paid a per-diem, or be paid without a per-diem. The per-diem plan allows us to pay you .28 cents per mile that is taxed normally, then .10 cents per mile per-diem with no taxes taken. The per-diem saves our drivers a lot of money in taxes, and greatly increases their take home pay. If you don't want the tax break option, we will pay you in the normal method, with full taxes taken. We do not hold back wages for 1 or 2 weeks like some trucking companies do, our drivers are usually paid the first business day after returning to Omaha from a trip out and back.

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